Ramambika Self Help Group, Haladakatta, Siddapur

Smt.Mala Madhukeshwar Naika is the president of Ramambika Self Help Group. She has a grocery store. She does Horticulture. She is engaged in social activities in her neighbourhood. Even this SHG is very active.

“We have people who have borrowed loans for different purposes. Everyone here is hard workers. So everyone needed a loan. We get loans easily because of Kadamba My Money. Everyone repay their loan instalments properly. I have grocery. Beforehand of the festivals I have to purchase lots of goods simultaneously. We avail loans immediately because of SHG. The mere presence of Kadamba My Money, gives us nerve” These are the words of appreciation of Mala Naika.

Smt. Surekha Revanakar of Ramambika Self Help Group, runs a small gold jewellery shop through the loan from SHG. Smt. Sandhya Rokade is running a deep fried snacks Shoppe. Smt.Archana Raghuveer has bought a sewing machine and a zigzag stitching machine. Smt.Prem,a Narayana Achary has bought equipment for her carpenter sons. Smt. Varada Gowdar has established a Floor Mill in Haladakatta. SHG is the centre of hopefulness to everybody. Kadamba My Money, is the home for fiscal assistance to these Self Help Groups.

While traversing along Siddapur-Chandragutti road, you pass by an agriculture village by name Mankodu. Rudreshwara Women’s Self Help Group is initiated women folk of the village is the hub of social and financial activities. Smt. Radha Anand Gowdar is the president of the SHG. She is running this group successfully since a decade. Contributions of females are substantial in the financial growth of a house. While President Smt. Radha Anand Gowdar has availed One Lakh for her areca plantation, Smt.Uma Prakash Gowda has availed One and a half lakh rupees for dairy farming. While Smt.Vanamala Basavaraj has availed loan for the purpose of transporting stones, Smt. Yamuna Timma Naika got loan for sand transport business. Smt. Vinoda Suresh Naika and Smt.Bhuvaneshwari Mahendra Gowda availed loans for Ginger and Sugar Cane cultivation. There are even some members who have availed loans for the education of their children.

President Radha Gowdar is especially proud about Kadamba Souharda Cooperative. “Look, women, usually do not have properties in their names. Now, if you want to start a small business or to do small scale agriculture, you need at least fifty thousand rupees. So, we cannot approach a big bank, provide the papers they demand and avail loan facility. We have created this group which is of great support now. Furthermore, ‘My Money’ program of Kadamba Souharda Cooperative has been really helpful. Now, staying in our village, we do business ranging up to a lakh rupee. Everything was possible only because of Kadamba” likewise they remember the assistance rendered by Kadamba with gratitude, which has brought in Economic Empowerment and Social Respect to female folks of the village.

The female members of Navashakti Self-Help Group, Smt. Lakshmi Jatta Naik, Yamuna Manjunath Naik, Gowri Shaniyara Naik, Sukri Eerappa Naik etc. all are grateful to Kadamba MyMoney.