New House- A dream come true

“Ours is a small land holding. We have cultivated 100 Jasmine Plants. We are rearing two Jersey dairy cattle. We grow paddy on leased lands. We have three daughters. We had a desire to build our own house. But who lends us loan? I am a member of Varalakshmi Women’s Self-Help Group. I availed a loan of Rupees Fifty thousand from our self- help group. We arranged for funds through money earned by Jasmine cultivation and through other sources and started building house. If we want more money, we can borrow additional loans from Kadamba. Every month, we pay monthly instalments. Kadamba My Money, is really a boon to poor like us.” These are the words of Smt. Nagamma Shankara Naika of Devikan in Basthi Kaikini Village.