Kadamba My Money, supported the scrap business

Smt.Tauseen Bhanu Abdul Munaf is the member of Murudeshwara Women’s Self-Help Group and she has availed a loan of Rs. One lakh. Kadamba has reached out as saviour to Tauseen Bhanu, who has been running scrap business.

“To purchase one lorry load of scrap, approximately we need one and a half to two and a half lakh rupees. We do not have anything to mortgage so that we can avail loan. That’s why I did not approach any big banks. Kadamba My Money, loaned my Self-Help Group, which in turn facilitated me. Who else lends us lakhs of rupees on the basis of trust? Then, Kadamba people conduct themselves in a very humble way. Women folk, without any hesitation can deal with them. Regarding Kadamba, I have full faith” says Tauseen Bhanu.