Assured Loan for Clothing Business

Smt. Shamshad Arif Patel is one among the member of Murudeshwara Self-Help Group. She operates a small clothing business from her house. She sells the dresses brought from Tamilnadu sitting at her home. Sometimes her family members carry these dresses in a vehicle and sell these in nearby towns. When Shamshad says that she availed loan for her clothing business from Self-Help Group, she thanks Kadamba My Money Ltd.,. She has availed 2 lakh as loan from the SHG and is remitting Rs. Eight thousand per month as instalment

“When we purchase clothing from outside (from other cities) we have to invest lakhs of rupees as capital. In such situations, Kadamba are the people who lend us money instantly. If we approach big financial institutions, by the time we provide all the documents they demand, we lose a whole business season. We always want an institution like Kadamba which treat us with trust.” These are the whole-hearted words of Shamshad Arif Patel.