Kadamba My Money - A Panacea to the Small Businesses

Bastimakki in Murudeshwar is a village adjacent to National Highway 66. The women there have constituted Murudeshwara Self-Help Group. All of them have started a business of their own. Kadamba My Money,has been stood steadfast to support their cause.

Reliable Business, Modest Manners

Smt.Kamala Mahabala Achary is skilled in weaving mattresses of Vetiver (Lavancha) root fibres. She helps her husband run his Centring works of Buildings. To procure centring materials she has borrowed two lakh rupees from her Self-Help Group. Kadamba My Money Ltd., have provided loan facility for this Self-Help Group.

“Kadamba My Money Ltd., is the organization which lends us money on the basis of trust. I have availed a loan up to two lakh rupees. We are repaying the loan quickly and will borrow again to expand our business. Without any embarrassment they have provided us the opportunity for monetary transaction. It was our fortune to have such a trustworthy financial institution” says Smt.Kamala Mahabala Acharya.