The Garland of Jasmine which employed everyone in the family

Malugadde of Kaykini village in Bhatkal is a tiny hamlet consisting of very small land holders. Most of the families have created small Jasmine orchards of hundred to two hundred plants. The women have formed ‘Mahasathi Self-Help Group’. When Jasmines bloom, all the members of the family are busy.

Smt.Parvati Vasanth Naik is a member of Mahasathi Self-Help Group. She has availed a loan of Rupees one Lakh for sake of Jasmine Cultivation. Each month she remits Rupees four thousand as instalment towards repayment of the loan borrowed. From 6 in the morning till 12 in the noon, her family members are too hectic to talk to each other. They will be busy picking flower buds from the plants, making garlands out of these buds, packing and sending it to market. Kadamba My Money, have provided for their needs.

“Ours is a joint family. We have grown about two hundred jasmine plants. We have to look after and nurse these plants. When the flowers start to bud, we have to pick them and make garlands. When flowering is high, all the family members join to make garlands. Every member has a job. Whole year we are engaged. Expenditure is high in jasmine cultivation. So, I borrowed rupees one lakh from our Self-Help Group. It is very easy to avail loan facility from Kadamba My Money,. They believe us. They come to our houses to guide us. We feel that this is poor man’s bank” articulates Parvati Naik, beaming with pride.