Jasmine of Bhatkal- An Aromatic Business

The Jasmine flower of Bhatkal which has spread its fragrance all over the world has also supported the livelihood of hundreds of families. The garlands of jasmine buds which are prepared in villages around Bhatkal, will reach Mangalore market before these buds bloom. A turnover of around half crore rupees transpires every day. The production of Jasmine flowers may vary seasonally but this jasmine cultivation will provide jobs throughout the year.

Fragrance of Jasmine in My Money

The entrepreneurship displayed and the self-reliance achieved by the women Self Help Groups of Shirali which are associated with the Kadamba My Money Ltd.,is really significant. As the name itself suggests Alivekodi which is just 3 kms away from Shirali, is a hamlet in line to the backwater. Most of the villagers are small land holders. Both male and female family members should work to achieve prosperity in life. Even a land holding as small as one or two guntas could provide a living through jasmine cultivation.

Female members of the family are the ones who are completely engaged in this Jasmine cultivation. Each member of the women’s self-help groups who have availed loan facility under My Money plan in Kadamba My Money, have been practicing a kind of industrial style discipline in Jasmine cultivation.

Smt. Muktha Manjunatha Naik, president of Navashakti Self-Help Group of Alivekodi, is the spring of inspiration to all the female members of the group. They have availed a loan of Rs. 5 lakhs to their SHG from Kadamba My Money Ltd., while each member received Rs.50 thousand and started Jasmine Cultivation.

Smt.Mukta Naik has planted hundred Jasmine Plants in her 2 gunta land. Every day she nurses these plants, picks jasmine buds, makes garlands out of it and sells it. Smt Mukta Nayak says “People in Kadamba Souharda easily lent me loans. They did not annoy me in regarding the documents. In some sense, they guided me about the monetary things. People like me, a very small land holders, ever need the financial help from Kadamda Souharda co-operative”

The female members of Navashakti Self-Help Group, Smt. Lakshmi Jatta Naik, Yamuna Manjunath Naik, Gowri Shaniyara Naik, Sukri Eerappa Naik etc. all are grateful to Kadamba My Money