We put values to your dreams

Kadamba My Money is aiming towards delivering affordable and competitive financial services to the needy with high notch of operational efficiency and integrity. Offering cost effective products and services with causal goal is the fiscal inclusion of the common man.

Delivering productive and efficient capital in rural India.

To enable inclusive socioeconomic development.

We strive to deliver the competitive interest rates in the market by passing on the benefits of efficiency to the customer.

Our approach blends data-driven, technology-enabled operational efficiency with on the ground programs to enhance skills and productivity in the communities we serve.

Fiscal Facilities & Monetary Amenities

Kadamba My Money has various customised products for lending and advancing common man. Apart from micro financing, Kadamba My Money intends to finance small business ventures, small start-ups, vehicle loans, skill loans etc.

Micro finance

Kadamba microfinance has a social vision and business orientation which aims to provide underprivileged men and women.

Skill Training Assistance

Kadamba facilitates on-the-job training and placements for successfully assessed students at public and private health facilities.

Business Credit

Kadamba provides you with business credit (loan) for your small businesses to borrow money. A business loan is debt.