Business Credit

Business requires an adequate amount of capital to fund start-up expenses or pay for expansions. As such, companies take out business loans to gain the financial assistance they need. Kadamba provides business credit to small businesses for various purposes. These loans may have less restrictive requirements, enabling the small business to secure funds. A small business loan may provide other incentives for the borrower, which could minimize expenses for the business.

It is always felt that whether initiating a business or trying to expand an existing business, the need for additional funding often arises. Business, be it big or small, is always in need of funds. It also depends upon the nature of the business – is it capital-intensive, stages of its development, in terms of inception, growth or maturity? Usually businesses need funds the most in the growth stage which stabilizes in a mature business with only depreciated capital and working capital needs. Kadamba provides you with short-term loans and long-term loans, secured loans or unsecured loans depending on the clientele.