About Us

The Precedent:

The seeds of fiscal facilities were sown long ago in the year 1995 in a quiet town of Sirsi, Uttara Kannada. Since then the growth has been vigorous with deep penetrating healthy roots growing stronger each day.

Propagated by the finest and the veteran financial experts of the district, then Shalmala Finance Limited was registered as a Non-Banking Financial Company, incorporated under Companies Act 1956. Engaging itself in the business of loans and advances, Shalmala Finance Limited focussed mainly on bankrolling rural population by providing them with much needed minor monetary advances.

Shalmala Finance Limited was actively catering to the demand oriented financial services to the less privileged farming community and small land holders. It was an earliest institution of its kind in that part of the country which was working tirelessly towards the financial inclusion of the downtrodden house holds in rural pockets.

The Present:

In August 2018, Shalmala Finance Limited was taken over and renamed as Kadamba My Money Limited. Subsequently after merging with the much larger Kadamba conglomerate, we intend to upsurge our reach, to inflate our network and to aid more deprived people.

Kadamba My Money is aiming towards delivering affordable and competitive financial services to the needy with high notch of operational efficiency and integrity. Offering cost effective products and services with causal goal is the fiscal inclusion of the common man.

The “people first” approach being the guiding philosophy, Kadamba My Money is engaged in funding the self-employed individuals, micro financing the self-help groups, lending loans to meet personal needs such as wedding costs or to purchase new machinery or equipment etc. In a way Kadamba My Money will try to empower the common man, making him financially inclusive.